Gabonese Republic

  • Total Population

    2,231,000 (2020 World Factbook)

  • Deaf Population

    2,000 (Ethnologue estimate)

  • Nation's Official Language(s)


  • Other Languages

    The number of established languages listed in Ethnologue is 43. Some of these are:

    • Baka
    • Barama
    • Bakwel
    • Benga
    • Bubi
    • Fang
    • Kota
    • Lumbu
    • Njebi
    • Punu
    • Sake
    • Seki
    • Sira
    • Teke-Tege
    • Tsaangi
    • Wumbvu
  • Name of Sign Language

    Gabonese Sign Language, (Langue des Signes d'Afrique Francophone) (LSAF)

  • Overview Of Deaf Community And Education

    In Gabon there are three schools for the deaf: a public Deaf school that is apparently oral, and two private schools that use sign language in some form. Andrew Foster was involved in the founding on these schools.

  • Sign Language Overview

    There is no information on any original signs used in Gabon. It is reported that LSAF is used as a combination of ASL and LSF (langue des signes française).  There is no specific research on the signing used in Gabon.

  • Deaf Organizations In Country

    • Association of Deaf-Mutes of Gabon – 1985, 
    • National Association of Late-Deafened of Gabon – 1991, 
    • National Association of the Deaf-Mutes of Gabon- 1997, 
    • National Association for the Total Redemption of the Deaf in Gabon - 2002

  • Overview of Interpreting Services

    It is reported that there are 14 interpreters in the country but there is no interpreter training. There are a few volunteer interpreters available, but no official training..

  • Sign Language Resources In The Country

  • List of Contributors

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