Republic of Guinea

  • Total Population

    12 million

  • Deaf Population


  • Nation's Official Language


  • Other Languages

    The number of established languages listed in Ethnologue is 39. Some of these are:

    • Badyara
    • Baga Sitemu
    • Bandi
    • Jahanka
    • Kakabe
    • Kuranko
    • Lele
    • Mandingo
    • Maninkankan, Eastern
    • Mano
    • Pular
    • Susu
    • Toma
    • Wamey
  • Name of Sign Language

    Guinean Sign Language

  • Overview Of Deaf Community And Education

    There is one school for the deaf in Guinea (WFD 2008). This school was founded in 1964. The official website of the embassy of Malyayia (2017) mentions an official visit to the École Des Sourds Et Muets De Boulbinet, having about 200 deaf pupils. The school falls under the Ministère des Affaires Sociales in Conakry.  Total Communication is the communicative approach used in the deaf school.

  • Sign Language Overview

    It is used by 528 deaf signers (WFD 2008). It is heavily influenced by, or based on, ASL, with some influence from French Sign Language. There are no reports of sign language research at the university level.

  • Deaf Organizations In Country

    • Association Guinéenne des Sourds (AGS)

  • Overview of Interpreting Services

    It is reported that there are currently only four Gambian Sign Language interpreters in Gambia. There is almost no government support for GSL interpreting. The Gambia Sign Language interpreter project aims to improve the situation.

  • Resources

    WFD (2008). Global Survey Report. WFD Regional Secretariat for Western and Central Africa Region (WFD WCAR). Global Education Pre-Planning Project on the Human Rights of Deaf People. World Federation of the Deaf. Finland.  

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  • List of Contributors

    Victoria Nyst

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